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Presented by Gene Vogel - EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist

Pump Reliability Training


Course description:

The most common machine to be driven by an electric motor is a pump. Centrifugal pumps are by far the most common devices for moving industrial liquids of all types. A thorough understanding of the design, implementation and maintenance of centrifugal pumps is essential for those working in the electric motor repair industry. This seminar provides the practical knowledge service center personnel need to address customers’ pump-related motor issues, and the broader opportunities for pump maintenance, system optimization and energy savings.

Course Objectives:

Provide the Understanding of the fundamentals of Pumps and Pumping Systems

  • Centrifugal and positive displacement pump types
  • Easy fluid mechanics
  • Basics of pump and system curves
  • Cavitation explained
  • How to improve pump efficiency

Explain the critical elements of pump repair that pump user should know

  • Disassembly, inspection and repair
  • Pump seals function and repair
  • Pump testing

Provide a basic understanding of installation factors that directly affect pump reliability

  • Piping concerns
  • Foundations and alignment
  • Startup procedures

Present an organized and effective guide for troubleshooting pump operation problems

  • Startup testing
  • Low pressure, low flow – causes
  • Failure analysis
  • High noise and vibration

Who would benefit from this training?

Pumps are everywhere – but knowledge of pumps is scarce. End users, managers, repair technicians and engineers will all benefit from the practical knowledge of the pump reliability factors presented in this class. End users will learn how pump efficiency and reliability are linked, allowing them to assess their pump application from both perspectives. Managers will gain an understanding of how operating demands affect pump performance and avoid damage to machinery that results in downtime and increased maintenance costs. Service center managers, repair technicians and engineers will learn to assess pump failures and the conditions that result in mechanical damage. Overall, a better understanding of pump operation principles benefits everyone in industrial and commercial enterprises where pumps are an important element in successful operation.

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Registration information:

  • Prices guaranteed if more than 6 participants. All Training Registrations and payment have to be finalized 3 weeks before all courses

Course trainer - Gene Vogel

EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist

Before joining EASA as Pump and Vibration Specialist, Gene Vogel operated his own business, General Maintenance Equipment/Engineering, Inc. (GME), a marketing, service and training organisation for industrial maintenance and related technologies.

Training - 11/12/2019 until 12/12/2019


£800 GBP (EASA Members)
£900 GBP (Non-members)


Engie Fabricom Maintenance, Scheldelaan 414 , HAVEN 507 , 2040 Antwerpen, Belgium

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