Affiliate Membership benefits

EASA is a specialist trade organization

We are the largest international trade association in the world fully dedicated to Electromechanical Services (Motors and Rotating Machines Systems). We have over 1800 member companies, in more than 60 countries around the world and a dedicated office in Luxembourg.

Get direct access to our European & World Chapter members throughout regional and international networking opportunities and events to enhance your business.


Regional and international networking opportunities

Every year EASA organizes the largest electromechanical convention in the world, with 2500 participants and 220 exhibitors, where our members benefit from networking with colleagues from around the globe. Each chapter also organizes its own events where members learn from each other and develop best practice locally.

Become an EASA Region 9 Affiliate member and access to the following benefits

Valuable Networking Opportunities, International Channel for our industry, Enhanced Business with Members, European & World / Region 9 convention Free advertising and articles in the Region 9 newsletter & EASA media, Monthly newsletters in English, Industry Specific Training and International convention in North America


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Get access to EASA Affiliate Membership benefits at 696 GBP per year!

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