EASA Region 9 Karsten Moholt Award

The Karsten Moholt Exceptional Achievement Award was created in the memory of Karsten Moholt, former President and Karsten Aleksander Moholt, former President and Regional Director of EASA E&W Chapter Their exceptional guidance and leadership of our Chapter is remembered every year by awarding young people, under 35, who have demonstrated outstanding service improvements and made significant contributions within their company.

A financial contribution will be made by the Chapter to the winner of this award to visit other Member’s facilities within our Chapter in order to extend their understanding of the industry and learn new ideas, methods and cultures.


  • A nominee for the award must be employed by a Member of the European & World Chapter
  • Only a Member of the European & World Chapter can make a nomination
  • More than 1 nomination can be made but not exceed 3 nominations per year
  • Nominations must include specific reasons why the nominee is thought to be worthy of the award.
  • All nominations must be accompanied by 2 corroborating letters of recommendation from other than the nominator
  • All nominations must be submitted to the General Manager no later than 31st August each year.
  • A committee composed of the current President, Immediate Past President and a member of the Moholt family will decide the winner
  • The winner will be awarded at the annual AGM by a member of the Moholt family.

The successful recipient will be entitled to receive expenses of up to €3,000. This will be paid directly to the Member or Affiliate firm on submission of receipts. The prize money can be spent on any or part of the following but must include a visit to Karsten Moholt AS in Bergen, Norway:

  • Travel and accommodation to EASA European & World Annual Convention & AGM, where the award will be presented
  • Travel and accommodation to visit another Member Company from EASA European & World to extend their knowledge (location to be agreed)
  • Training associated with the winners position in their firm
  • After the Award ceremony, The company that wins the Award will submit to fbeghain@easa9.org, a plan on how do they want to spend the 3000 Euros (which company do they want to visit and when or which EASA Training do they want to attend and when, and which budget do they plan). After each visit or training, the company will submit an invoice to EASA European & World Chapter that will detail the related expenses for reimbursement. All related expenses will have to be done within the 3000 Euros and before the next year EASA Karsten Moholt Award ceremony (1 year to use the 3000 Euros).

The winner will provide a bi annual report including images to the General Manager of the knowledge gained and how the award helped them to develop within their company. All unsuccessful nominations shall automatically be re-entered into the pool of nominees for a period of 3 years after the nomination is received.

EASA Karsten Moholt Exceptional Achievement Award Recipients