High Voltage Winding Best Practice Training

The High Voltage Winding Best Practice training is a high-quality technical course that provides solid knowledge, both practical and theoretical, on best practice operations in High Voltage systems and equipment.

Duration: 2 days

Time: 9 -17 Central European Time (CET)

Fees: £900 GBP EASA Members - £1000 GBP Non-members

Available Online and in Classroom. Private sessions upon request (6 minimum)

The  course is divided into 4 sessions:

  • Basic AC machine design theory & constrains
  • HV Coil insulation & control of partial discharge
  • HV Coil manufacturing & testing
  • HV Winding best practices

Session 1: Basic AC machine design theory & constraints

Design constraints - Critical design area

  • Active surface area D2L, Amperturns/cm, flux & current densities etc
  • Coil pitch factors
  • Winding distribution factors
  • Induction machine winding connections
  • Consequent poles
  • Lap & wave winding connections
  • Concentric windings
  • Star / Delta connections
  • Control of stray losses using transpositions

Session 2: HV Coil insulation & control of partial discharge

HV Coil insulation basics

  • Requirements for coil insulation
  • Introduction to dielectric stress
  • Introduction to partial discharge
  • Insulation temperature classes
  • Introduction to mica

HV hot press coil design
Control of partial discharge

Session 3: HV Coil manufacturing & testing

Visual examples of different coil types
Examples of typical coil data sheets
HV Coil manufacturing

  • HV coil insulation design
  • Production of insulated rectangular conductor
  • Coil shaping & insulating; Lap, concentric, half-bar
  • Hot pressing for consolidation & slot cell insulation
  • VPI insulation system
  • Roebel coil design
  • Coil testing & coil test standards

Session 4: HV Winding best practice

Recording coil & stator data

  • Slot measurement & winding detail, left & right, handed coils
  • Wedges, transpositions, endwinding blocking etc
  • Core inspection & testing

HV Coil installation & shaping

  • Coil fit tolerances in slot, to bracing rings
  • Endwinding blocking & bracing
  • Multi-turn coil connection
  • Stator half-bar alignment & connection
  • Coil & Winding testing

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