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President's message - November 2017

President's message - November 2017

Dear EASA members and friends,

As we approach the end of another active year for our industry, many of our members are embracing the new technologies and generating new opportunities by focusing on Life cycle Performances and Costs, energy efficiency and reliability, but also facing the challenges of regulations, compliance and the continuous pressures on our industry on training and recruitment of staff.

At our EASA International Convention in Tampa this past June I recall the presentation given by Jerry Peerbolte and Michael Marks on the subject of our industry and its opportunities and challenges both now and for the future. I would urge you to find out more about it. We belong to an attractive business and industry, with good perspectives and our customers trust us and appreciate our knowledge and expertise on how we can help them achieve their objectives for plant reliability, a resource they will continue to pay for. But, our industry has challenges on one of the major issues we are facing is that of Human Resources, we will have to attract, recruit, invest and train the right persons if we are to continue to provide the right services. How can EASA help its members meet this and other challenges? As always, I am happy to hear from you on that matters, Please do not hesitate to contact our General Manager ( ) and share your ideas, needs and suggestions, but look also on all good training options we do offer already in EASA.

Mathis Menzel, President EASA European & World Chapter.