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Christian Vogelsang, CEO of Vogelsang Elektromotoren

Quick Introduction of your company:
Who you are?
My name is Christian Vogelsang, 48 years old, married, two children, owner and manager of Vogelsang Elektromotoren in Bochum.

What does your company do and how many employees do you have?
We repair Motors, generators, Pumps, Ventilators, gearboxes and transformers for the heavy indusrty mainly located in Germany, France and the Benelux.

Are you an EASA member or EASA affiliate member?
We are EASA member since more than 25 years (I think)

When did your company become an EASA member?
We became EASA member in the early 90, with the aim to meet potential customers in the repair busisness, as we developed a transportable test field for motors and pumps.

Which challenges our industry is now going through or will go through in the future?
The repair world is changing dramatically. Heavy industry is asking more and more for complex solutions instaed of plain repairs. In addition our customer base is getting weaker in our region, because of the globalisation and political circumstances.

What about Trainings?
Training is a good and important investment in the quality of our peole – our main asset

Who are the emerging competitors of our industry?
OEMs are about to change the service market with special designs, increased complexity of drive solutions and “smart machines” in order to keep third party repairs out. In addition to that, big industry service companies start to enter the market of EMR and take big contracts on service and maintenance for complete sites. This will change our customer structure.

Which Opportunities do you see? Where do you think our industry should invest?
I see opportunities in cooperations and strong networks in order to give answers to the changing markets. Delivering smart and flexible solutions to the repair market will help our industry to compete with the unflexible OEMs and large service companies.

What kind of EASA services do you use?
(Training programs, webinars, consulting service, Technical resources, accreditation, networking etc.) We visit the international convention regularly and use the opportunity to get trained on different topics during these conventions. Further on, we visit our regional conventions to strengthen the international network. The most useful offering from EASA is the RCE group, where we meet once a year a work on specific questions for a day or two.

Looking back, what has this experience brought to you?
How did EASA help you? Please give us an example. EASA got us in contact to other EMR companies in Europe and the world. Without this network, we would not have been able to perform our way from a local company to an internationally active EMR company.

Which services do you want EASA to develop/offer in the future?
EASA is on a good way to strengthen it´s influence on the European market by getting more involved in translating the superb technical documentation into other languages than English. STAY ON THIS TRACK !!

To a potential new member how would you promote EASA membership?
COME AND SEE !! You have to experience a convention (international) and enjoy the very special atmosphere on the regional meetings.

What is the last advice you gave to a new employee in our industry?
We have to leave the well known tracks and find new ways.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
Do not stop learning and get out of your box. Look how other people find solutions to a problem and learn!

What is the next disruptive technology in our industry?
Smart motor!! Machines that will be equipped with a lot of connected sensors, sending these information’s to a database, that will evaluate the condition of the machine and give advices to future maintenance.

Will you propose a candidate for the next EASA Karsten Moholt Exceptional Award?
We have proposed twice, but so far other candidates were better. Yes, we will continue to propose our young and enthusiastic employees for the KM Award.