New Menzel motor plant completed

The new Menzel Elektromotoren headquarters on the outskirts of Berlin are ready for occupation. All works were completed on time and on budget – a remarkable feat of coordination between all trades and partner companies. The move has already started; the relocation of the large stock of motors and accessories, in particular, will take some time – Menzel maintains one of the largest warehouses for large electric motors in Europe, which ensures short-term delivery capability at all times. Production and administration are also moving into the new building gradually. Operations will officially start on January 2, 2024. CEO Mathis Menzel is looking forward to it: “This move will ring in a new era in the history of our family business. The new plant is tailored to our requirements in every detail: generously proportioned logistics and production areas, continuous crane accessibility with an 80-ton lifting capacity – that will enable us to achieve streamlined production processes, to schedule and complete customer projects even more flexibly and reliably, and it will properly set us up for the future as the international headquarters of our group.”

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