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Webinar: Valuable design and manufacturing of GANZ Rotating Machines Division

DATE 19 March 2024

Free webinar “Valuable design and manufacturing of GANZ Rotating Machines Division – Tradition and innovation with 145 years of experience” by GANZ Transformers and Electrical Rotating Machines Ltd.,  Tuesday 19 March 2024, at 15:00 (CET).

Continuous innovation puts GANZ at the forefront of digitization efforts in heavy industry worldwide. Thanks to the company’s extensive manufacturing activities, its transformers and rotating machines are now used in all major industries around the world.

During the webinar, Bence Flösser, Engineering Manager of GANZ Rotating Machines Division, will introduce how the Division leverages the company’s nearly one and a half centuries of experience in design, manufacturing and testing. Participants will be able to explore and discuss the following points:

  • The company’s history and wide-ranging experience in in the field of electrical equipment and manufacturing of rotating machines up to 50 MVA and 100 tons to date.
  • The use of the Intelligent Solution digital condition monitoring system in the GANZ Rotating Machines Division, and the development of a corresponding Expert System.
  • Presentation of the rotating machine plant, including its structure, capabilities, capacity, and planned investments.
  • Presentation of the rotating machine testroom which not only tests GANZ equipment in-house but also offers third party testing.