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Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd.

Ganz is one of the greatest names in T&D business worldwide and we celebrated our company’s 145th anniversary in 2023.

Thanks to our advanced engineering team, we manufacture unique high-voltage electrical equipment – transformers, motors, and generators – as well as providing related services.

Our company is 100% domestically owned since 2020. The main office is in Budapest, Hungary, the manufacturing facility is located in Tápiószele.
Ganz is a specialist in providing high quality products and unique solutions for our customers. We produce our unique products with today’s modern design and technological solutions.

The company has business units: Transformers, Rotating Machines and Services. Ganz launched its own asset monitoring and digitalization brand, GANZ Intelligent Solutions in 2022, and reopened its steel structure factory in 2023.

Ganz manufactures a wide range of medium and high voltage motors and synchronous generators. The scope of electric rotating machines’ supply covers the full sphere of design & engineering as per the customer request, up to the local installation and commissioning supervision. The company is specializing in the design, manufacture and testing of MV & HV asynchronous motors from 500 kW to 20 MW and synchronous generators from 1000 kVA to 70 MVA. The electric motor range includes safe and hazardous area motors, energy efficient motors as well as motors for special applications. 2-pole synchronous generators for steam or gas turbines of power stations can be supplied from 20 MVA to 60 MVA for 50 Hz and from 23 MVA to 65 MVA for 60 Hz networks.

Ganz has a dedicated Service department which provides all kind of service to our clients such as delivery of spare parts, installation and commissioning, and refurbishment of existing equipment (incl. other OEM’s equipment).

Our Intelligent Solutions brand is an intelligent technological development that monitors the condition of transformers and electrical rotating machines to strengthen reliability and to prevent critical system failures.

Ganz is committed to the net-zero greenhouse gas emissions targets set by European Union, and therefore Ganz aims to manufacture our products with the lowest possible carbon footprint. In order to achieve these goals, we launched investment programs aimed at energy production and energy efficiency at our sites and restarted steel structure production at our Szolnok site.

Customer focus and flexibility towards our customers during the execution of the projects is how we differentiate ourselves compared to other manufacturers. “Tradition for innovation” is our company motto and Ganz is ready to support our clients with the nowadays challenges.

Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd.


H 1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 30-34

MIKLÓS MARCZIS – Business Development Manager
mobile: +36 30 127 8161


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To be the Employer of choice, a benchmark within the industry and a leader of the green industrial revolution by bringing recognition to our colleagues, value to our customers with high engineering, innovative, customized and intelligent solutions bought and made in Europe.