Presentation Guidelines/Submission Chapter Convention 2023 , Nice 5-7 October

We encourage all of you making non-commercial conferences to share your expertise and knowledge, your skills on various topics at our Convention with active workshops.

To make the presentations interesting and valuable to all attendees, we are offering the following guidelines for those considering submitting presentations:

  • We encourage new products, services and business solutions presentations, all topics related to our industry with specialist/expert input (Technical, Technology, Management, Sales & Marketing, HR, Training, …)
  • Non-commercial presentations, Business cases, Technical interesting information giving educational value to attendees. Again, our aim is to learn from each other and generate good questions, discussions and active workshops
  • In order to keep the information fresh and vibrant we are not encouraging presentations that have been given at previous events
  • Respect the allocated time frame strictly (Between 20mn & 30mn presentations)
  • When possible, conferences will be grouped around main topics with at the end of all presentations a workshop managed by some facilitators
  • All conferences will have to be submitted well in advance. All candidates will submit first a title and short abstract (Deadline: 5th of September). Our convention committee will then review and select the right ones for our convention. Selected Speakers will have then have to submit their power point presentations to our committee Deadline: 21 of September.

We appreciate your cooperation to make our convention an interesting and beneficial experience for all of us!

CLICK HERE to submit your conference title and a short abstract