Fundamentals of DC Operation & Repair Tips Training

Training description

The Fundamentals of DC Operation & Repair Tips training covers DC machine theory and operation, as well as repair tips. Topics will include testing and winding of armatures, fields, interpoles and compensating windings, machine work, balancing, assembly and final testing. The theory portion is structured so that it can be grasped by entry-level personnel, while the overall material is in-depth enough that those with 30 years of experience or more will benefit.

Duration: 2 days
Time: 9 -17 Central European Time (CET)

Course Material:
Participants will receive a comprehensive guidebook designed to supplement existing literature on DC machines. This resource is curated to aid technicians in understanding theory without complex formulas and to serve as a repository of repair procedures and tips gleaned from decades of industry experience.

Who is this training for?
This seminar is tailored for technicians, engineers, and industry professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of DC machine operations but also customer service reps and salespeople new or relatively new to the industry.