Highlights EASA CWIEME Berlin Conference & Networking event 2024

What a day it was at the EASA – CWIEME Berlin Conference & Networking event! From insightful presentations to meaningful networking opportunities, it was a day filled with learning and collaboration. The event brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals from our industry for a truly enriching experience.

Now in its third edition, the event aimed to provide a platform for insightful discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities, setting the stage for valuable business and technical connections before attending the fair.

The day kicked off with an introduction, followed by presentations from our sponsors. Their contributions were instrumental in making this event possible, and we appreciate their support.

Chris Lee, CWIEME Portfolio Director, shared insights on how to get the most out of the CWIEME. His talk highlighted strategies for navigating the exhibition and leveraging the opportunities it presents.

Tomas Jezdinsky from the International Copper Association presented the “Survey on Recycling Practices in the EU with Old Industrial Motors,” part of a task in the EU co-funded LIFE project “EU-MORE.”

Tracy Queen of ICC International delivered an inspiring presentation on how we can attract more women to the manufacturing and electric industries. She discussed the progress made so far and the steps needed to further promote gender diversity and inclusion.

Frédéric Beghain from the EASA EAA Chapter provided a comprehensive update on EASA activities, upcoming events, and training programs.

Mehmet Selim Yetkin from The Electric Materials Company explored the important topic of “Ensuring Commutator Performance from Production Line to Longevity,” pointing out that “it’s all about the tests!”

Vesa Österholm and Marco Turati from ABB presented on “Advancing Maintenance Strategies: Predictive Analysis and Lifecycle Extension for High Voltage Motors and Generators” with a real case study. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

We covered important topics like advancing maintenance strategies, sustainability, empowering women, and the latest developments in our industry. The day concluded with a summary of key points and reflections on the day’s discussions. These final sessions provided a relaxed environment to solidify connections and discuss potential collaborations.

Thank you to everyone who participated, presented, and sponsored the event. Your support was invaluable! Let’s keep working together to drive innovation and collaboration in our industry!