February’s Digital Conference Highlights

1 week EASA Daily Digital Coffee meetings ‘Invest, Compete, Predict’

‘Invest, Compete, Predict‘ was the main theme of the last digital conference organised by the E&W Chapter, from the 7th to the 11th of February 2022. It is a new digital format that features 1 daily session for an entire week of P2P discussions.
The main purpose of the initiative was to gather the E&W Chapter Members during the most important moment of the year – the beginning – to share ideas, solutions, experiences, and Business Development opportunities.

Each session was attended by 52/36 participants, executives and managers, from 32 Countries in 5 Continents. This has been a great outcome, considering it was the first time we proposed this new format. In addition, we received positive feedback from the post attendance survey, confirming that our Chapter members have enjoyed this new format and we propose to organise it again in autumn 2022.

The conference was opened by a focus on the Market & Industry Trends under recent Covid conditions. Frédéric Beghain, general Manager EASA E&W Chapter, presented the results of a General Business Survey conducted among region 9 EASA`s members. According to the survey results, the main concerns and challenges our industry is facing are related to the lack of skilled staff, rising price of raw materials and supply shortage. Furthermore, the high cost of energy and Europe’s energy crunch escalation linked to the Russian Ukrainian crises represent a major issue. Despite the pandemic condition, EASA members recognised that our industry is experiencing an extraordinary momentum full of new opportunities especially related to digitalization, electrification and renewable energy. The digital transformation in data collecting & reporting and predictive maintenance such as vibration analysis, is what they foresee as main trend.

During the second session ‘Compete with your EASA membership’, Frédéric Beghain, Lee Windsor and Mark Smith, (E&W Chapter Marketing Committee) presented an update on all EASA important Resources & Benefits. Furthermore, they gave some tips on how to promote your EASA membership and generate more business and profits. Mark Smith, pointed out why EASA membership drives sales: ‘Customers like to know they can have free independent technical advice and EASA membership gives you access to the influencers and key decision-makers in our industry. Lee Windsor in addition shared showcases and practical experiences of a member firm.

The third day was dedicated to the Ex Workshop), Bjørn Eirik Mjåtveit and Martin Killeen, Easa EX Team and top experts, presented and explored hot topics related to incidents, issues of measuring flame paths (specifically c+d joints), the difference between alteration and modification.

UN Sustainable Developments Goals was the topic of the fourth session. Edwin den Breejen, Emmanuel Buyck, Bjørn Eirik Mjåtveit and Kirk Jean Belian, lead this very interactive session by conducting a live survey and updating us on the important project we are developing in our E&W Chapter to meet or exceed the UN SDG.
During the discussion, Frédéric Beghain underlined the significant role of educating our staff to report and record to show sustainable actions. He reminded us that motors are the biggest Energy consumers in the world and the importance of becoming EASA accredited and achieving good practices to maintain motor efficiency and reliability.

During the closing session David Griffin, Bjørn Eirik Mjåtveit and Frédéric Beghain (Remote Condition monitoring Committee) got us up to speed on the important signs of progress of the Remote Condition Monitoring Project to develop a pilot project of data sharing platform between EASA members for the purpose of Remote Condition Monitoring drive trains from multi-brand smart sensors.

Thank you to the event sponsors