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Presented by Bjørn Mjåtveit, John Allen & Martin Killeen -

Ex Refresher Training (2 days)

Follow on from the Initial 4 days Full Training.

The 2 days Ex refresher training is required to all participants who have already attended an Ex Full Training. Every three years (depending if the training is online or onsite) participants have to refresh their knowledge and learn about last updates and important info on Ex regulations. The certificate will be renewed on satisfactory completion of the assessment.

EASA European & World Chapter offers now that training online with 3 trainers and top experts and very active sessions.

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Prices guaranteed if more than 6 participants

Course trainer - Bjørn Mjåtveit, John Allen & Martin Killeen

Bjørn Mjåtveit
Bjørn is an independent consultant in the rotating industry with a background from Norway's largest repair shop. He is certified according to IECEx CoPC 001, 003, 004, 006, 007 and 007. He is an active committee member in EASA acting as Vice-President Region 9, Chairman in Technical & Educational committee Region 9, Remote Condition Monitoring committee Region 9, member Technical Educational committee EASA and member Ad Hoc Committee on Emerging Technologies EASA.

John Allen
John started his working life in manufacturing designing DC in 1970 then AC rotating machines. In 1989 he was Regional Director for 5 repair facilities. In 1994 he became Technical Director for BERL then from 1998 for Dowding & Mills. He has served on EASA9 Committees as Secretary Treasurer, and Chairman and as a member of EASA Technical Services Committee in St Louis. Since 1994 he has represented EASA on BS & IEC TC 31 standards committees and from 2003 at IEC Ex . Currently he is a Consultant in large rotating electrical machine failures and a trainer for repair services.

Martin Killeen
Martin has spent part of his career as a design engineer involved in designing turbo-alternators and traction electrical machine equipment both DC and AC. He also spent four years working in the water industry as an electrical/mechanical project engineer covering water reclamation and water treatment new projects. For 30 years he was senior lecturer in Electrical Engineering and than Head of Department for Advanced Manufacturing and Creative industries. He was a trainer for our industry during that period and has over 25 years’ experience with general electrical machines training and specifically Ex motor repair.

Training - 28/01/2021 until 29/01/2021


£750 GBP (EASA Members)
£825 GBP (Non-members)


Online training by Zoom


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