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Ex Fundamentals (Awareness) - Motor Repair and Overhaul (1 day)

Do you want to know more about Ex Repairs and Overhaul?

This online training, with our 3 Top Trainers is designed for organisations interested to know more about Ex Repairs and Overhaul (Service companies or Factories working with equipments working in Ex conditions)

Senior Managers, Sales Managers, Maintenance Managers, Authorised Persons, Supervisors/Team Leaders - responsible for managing personnel involved in the repair and/or overhaul of Explosive Atmosphere Equipment or directing or advising on strategy and/or budgets and/or capital expenditure and/or sales for repair overhaul and/or use of ex equipment.

To enable delegates to better understand Ex Repairs and Overhaul and for the ones interested to offer those or working with those services to help them manage/decide if they can complete repair/overhaul work on these types of equipment and whether they wish to register, train and assess centres and employees to the new Ex/EASA scheme.

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*Prices guaranteed if more then 6 participants

EASA Top Trainers:


Training - 21/11/2023


£400 GBP (EASA Members)
£450 GBP (Non-members)


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