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Terms & Conditions for the Provision of Training Courses

These terms and conditions of business apply to all training courses provided by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, European & World Chapter (EASA E&W) to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions of business. No variation or amendment to these terms shall be valid and binding unless agreed in writing by an authorised representative of EASA E&W.

The Services
EASA E&W shall not commence providing the course until written acceptance of the proposal has been received from an authorised representative of the customer and advance payment has been received and cleared through the bank. By accepting the proposal the customer is deemed to have agreed to be bound by these terms. Acceptance of the proposal by the customer shall be authority to EASA E&W to proceed with all relevant aspects of the training and consultancy, including purchase of materials and entering into contracts, e.g. courseware printing, assessment and certifying bodies and/or purchase of hardware.

Proposals and Fees
All proposals include a quote for the fee to be charged and a summary of the course content. Proposals are valid to the starting date of the course to which the proposal relates. Value Added Tax, if and when applicable, shall be payable on all fees and expenses at the rate in force at the date of invoicing. All course fees include notes, lunch and refreshments (but not national standards if required, e.g. BS7671). Fees must be paid before the course starts.

Late Bookings
Can be accepted subject to availability of places and receipt of payment.

Costs incurred by EASA E&W Trainers in travelling and subsistence, hotels, courier charges, publications and materials used on the course will be assessed in advance and included in the course fee proposal. Customers will be responsible for all cost incurred by their delegates with respect to travelling and accommodations and all other expenses not specifically include in the course proposal as set out in the relevant course application and invoice form.

Cancellation Charges
Unless otherwise specified in the proposal, EASA E&W reserves the right to charge for courses cancelled or postponed by the customer. EASA E&W reserves the right without liability to rearrange any advertised course in the event of circumstances beyond its control.

EASA E&W and the customer shall not at any time both during and after the training, disclose to any third party for any purpose, any confidential information relating to the other including financial or trading information or customer details which come into their possession during the course of the provision of services without written consent from each other. Subject to the above and unless otherwise agreed in writing with the customer, EASA E&W will be entitled in the provision of services to its clients to make full and unrestricted use of any programmes, systems and procedures which we may have developed or designed during the provision of services for the client.

Associates and Equipment
EASA E&W will use associates with skills appropriate to the services required and reserves the right to engage independent associates where considered appropriate. Where an independent associate is involved, their contract with EASA E&W will contain a confidentiality clause. Where named personnel of EASA are nominated, EASA E&W shall endeavour to provide the named personnel but cannot be held responsible, under contract, for absence through illness or other unavoidable cause. In the unavoidable absence EASA E&W shall make every effort to provide suitable substitutes to cover the assignment. Responsibility for the functioning of equipment and suitability of a customer’s venue for an assignment shall lie with the provider, unless agreed in the proposal that EASA E&W provide specific equipment. The responsibility for suitable services, on his site, i.e. electric, air, environment, rests with the customer. If the venue or equipment provided by a client does not meet the agreed specification of EASA E&W or it is unsatisfactory in any other way, EASA E&W at its discretion and to preserve its quality standards’ may substitute an alternative venue and equipment. Any expense involved in such provision shall be charged to the client. Alternatively, EASA E&W reserves the right to cancel the workshop or course and shall not be held responsible for any expense incurred by the client in these circumstances but shall be entitled to claim its fees and expenses

Acknowledgement of Intellectual Property Rights
The company/customer hereby acknowledges that all courseware and intellectual property rights attached to, created or used in connection with the business carried out by EASA E&W are solely vested (to the extent not owned by third parties) in EASA E&W.

Risk Assessment
Regulation 3 of Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations: requires every employer to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to health and safety of both his employees and others who are at risk because of his undertaking. Where there are more than five employed the significant findings should be recorded. If there are no risk assessments written for training on your site, our instructor will assess each task and apply best practice for the skill being trained. It is not the responsibility of EASA to write risk assessments applicable to on site training for individual customer sites.

These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed according to English Law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Court

In the event of the client’s dissatisfaction of the services provided, the actual extent of EASA E & W’s liability shall be limited to the amount of the contract price or the amount of loss whichever is lower. The actual extent of EASA’s liability shall be the subject of discussion and agreement both as to liability and degree of compensation.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy EASA does not and cannot guarantee how its material/documentation is used and therefore expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for damage or loss resulting from its use.