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Workshop with 6 EASA Top Experts - How to take maximum benefit of their important services

Workshop with 6 EASA Top Experts - How to take maximum benefit of their important services

Following the highly rated workshop with EASA’s technical experts in September 2020, we again have the opportunity to discuss technical questions and EASA’s support service with our EASA engineering team.

As you know, EASA is very unique in terms of technical experts, there is no other association that offer 6 top experts to its members and this service is free for all EASA Active & Associate members! ⭐ 

At this crisis time, we think it is very important for all EASA Members to use this important membership benefit. Many of our members are already using regularly the 6 top experts' expertise and services (no matter their company's size).

We propose to meet with all of the 6 EASA Top experts on Tuesday the 19 January from 14h to 15h30 CET via Zoom to make sure you know all the important support you have access to. Among the topics to be covered in that workshop:

  • Meet the EASA Technical Support Team
  • How to use EASA’s Technical Support Services with case studies to show real and various examples of their important & broad support
  • Open discussion & Questions between participants and experts

Types of inquiries EASA receives (To help our members to better understand where our experts can help).

  1. Don't know white metal bearing clearances? Easa does
  2. Don't know a winding connection? EASA has 300,000 of them
  3. Want a second opinion on vibration analysis spectrums? EASA will give you one
  4. What's a normal/acceptable level of Core Loss/Temperature? EASA will guide you
  5. Need a second opinion on a failure analysis? EASA can help

⭐ EASA members free exclusive event - If you are not yet a member and would like to join EASA and benefit from our unique support, knowledge and network, please contact us.


Before we meet with the 6 top experts, do not hesitate to have a look at the following short video about how to contact EASA Experts