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Training is very important, share with us your needs and offers!

Training is very important, share with us your needs and offers!

Since January 2017, More than 100 participants from 8 countries in 4 different countries and in different languages have been trained (9 seminars) by EASA in our region in Root Cause Failure Analysis, Fundamentals of DC Operation and Repair, Ex Full Training, Ex 3 years refresher Training and Fundamentals of Pump Repair.

Some of our members are now regurlarly using EASA webinars for their team but also their customers, on Technical, Management and Sales topics, and, our partners in Sweden and Belgium had also the chance to use them for interesting Technical Forum with their members. We really recommend to our members to visit our important webinar program and to take benefit of this very practical and flexible training solution:

Since 2006, More than 100 people from different countries have been trained by EASA Region 9 in Ex Full Training (4 days training with an assessment). Every 3 years, most of them are attending our 3 years Ex refresher Training (2 days) and time to time managers, sales persons or people interested in that topic are attending the EASA One day Ex awareness Training.

Again, Training is very important in EASA and the ones who are interested in Training should contact our General Manager, Frederic Beghain at to share their suggestions, their needs but also potential training they could offer to other EASA members, good trainers they think would be good to work with, …