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EASA E&W Spring Council Meeting Feedback, Dublin, 31st of March of 2017

Summary of actions from Dublin, Ireland

  • The minutes were approved from previous meetings unanimously
  • The financial statements to 31.12.2016 were accepted
  • At the next AGM, participants will have to elect our new vice president
  • More than 80 new members have joined us in the last 2.5 years. We are growing well, with more partnerships to better coordinate our industry and to … but, it is still very important for all members to be active and to work with us on membership development, but also on partnerships with other associations.
  • Important project managed by EASA R9 Technical & Education Committee to list all possible EASA Training to be offered in our region, but also training members could propose to other members and last but not least, Trainers who could work with us in different languages. A complete inventory will be established with the support of our members
  • Members will be asked to submit their input also on Database, Helpdesk, App solutions, …
  • Affiliate members Committee want to be more active also in Training
  • Important for members to be active in Committees (Marketing, Technical & Education)
  • EASA partners will offer some EASA Training in their countries and they want to organize a tour to interest/register more members for both associations
  • After the important presentation Titos Anastassacos did on Service Future in Barcelona, some members are interested to look on possible next developments. A first meeting will be organized with Titos to evaluate possible options.
  • The main topic of the next Region 9 convention in Valencia (21-23 of Sept of 2017) will be on Sharing Technology and Business Knowledge for Growth