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Technical/Management Article

Technical/Management Article

EASA webinars provide cost-effective training for electromechanical maintenance and repair technicians
Effective and Practical training for all employees working in our industry is difficult to find and usually expensive–especially when it comes to the specialized training needed to maintain or repair electric motors, generators, drives, pumps and other electro-mechanical equipment. One cost-effective solution is the on-going series of webinars presented by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA).

EASA webinars content is delivered live via a one-way VoIP (voice over IP) connection directly to the computers of service centers and maintenance facilities. There is an optional backup toll-free phone connection (also one way) that can be used if there are problems with the Internet audio. Recordings of previous webinars are also available to provide the same training. Both are proven methods of providing specialized training that are not only effective but also eliminate travel costs for the instructor and employees while minimizing time away from the job.

Presenters of technical subjects include members of EASA’s highly acclaimed engineering team: Tom Bishop, P.E., Chuck Yung, Mike Howell, Jim Bryan and Gene Vogel. EASA consultant Jerry Peerbolte also delivers content geared to sales and marketing personnel of electromechanical sales and repair companies. Though geared mainly toward U.S. firms, a series of webinars by consultant Tom Barnes addresses safety concerns common to most service centers and maintenance facilities.

To date, nearly 70 webinar training programs have been presented and recorded on topics ranging from design, application, maintenance, testing and repair/rewinding of AC and DC machines to service center productivity. Other webinar subjects include troubleshooting, failure analysis, bearings and lubrication, and on-site services. There are also webinars on alignment and balancing, as well as a 12-part series on vibration. Pump selection, testing and repair and service center safety practices round out the list of technical training topics. So many companies in our industry are struggling to find or develop good continuous training programs and management solutions. EASA Webinars should be considered as part of them.
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Most EASA webinars last 50 to 65 minutes, including about 10 minutes for participants’ questions via a written chat feature. Four notable exceptions are the 12-part vibration series (15 hours); Tips and Techniques for Winders (1 hour and 35 minutes); Pump Selection and Repair (2 hours and 44 minutes); and Vibration Problems with Vertical Motors on Pumps (1 hour and 18 minutes).


EASA webinars are presented live from 12:00 -1:00 pm (US Central time), but if a scheduling conflict arises, or if registrants simply want to review the same content or present it to another group of employees, they may view a recording of the presentation as often as they wish during the following 30 days. That way the same training can be presented at whatever time is most convenient for service center or maintenance technicians.

Registration for live webinars costs just $59.00 (US) per site for EASA members ($119 US for others), no matter how many employees participate at that location. Recordings of past EASA webinars may also be purchased for unlimited use by service center or maintenance employees, either as downloadable files or on CD-ROMs. The downloadable versions are just $89 US each for EASA members ($199 US for others). CD-ROM versions are $109 US for members ($219 US for others). Webinar registrants receive a code for a substantial discount on the downloadable and CD-ROM versions that is valid for 30 days following a webinar.

On top of watching and listening to the webinar, each Participant has access to the slides that are supporting them and then non-English speaking members can also benefit from them. Some members have one of their technicians who speaks English then communicate in their own language the important content of that webinars. It generates very interesting discussion and benefit in their company.

EASA is a unique association that offers members access to technical support for free as part of membership. A team of 5 top industry experts is available to answer all questions and support your business. More than 20,000 emails are answered per year; those that use EASA webinars may certainly contact the presenters afterward with further questions.

To view a sample webinar, to buy recordings of previous webinars, or to register for the live presentation of an upcoming webinar, go to:

About EASA
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