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Stefan Beese, Managing shareholder, EMZ

Who are you?
My name is Stefan Beese, I´m 45 years old, married and father of 4 children. Since 1996 I’m managing shareholder of EMZ.

What does your company do and how many employees do you have?
EMZ produces and stocks large squirrel-cage and slipring-motors up to 8 MW. The company was founded in 1952 by my father. Today EMZ employs 80 people and operates three production and warehouse locations in Germany, France and Suisse

When did your company become an EASA member?
EMZ is an EASA Member since 1997.

Looking back, what has this experience brought to you?
We are benefitting from EASA in many ways. The EASA convention is a unique opportunity for exchange with other managers of our industry which allowing to bring in new ideas, to discuss problems and to see how things are handled in other countries. In addition to that we have already benefitted of the EASA network by solving reclamations in different countries of the world. Once for instant we had a small technical issue with one of our motors sold to the UK. Our customer insisted to have a technician on his site to solve the problem, despite the fact, that this small issue usually could have been solved by his own people. We asked one of the UK EASA members, who is closely located to our customer. He was able to provide support quickly, to the full satisfaction of our customer and without cousing massive costs.