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Remote Condition Monitoring Committee Formed

Remote Condition Monitoring Committee Formed

Following interest from our membership and number of successful workshops on the subject of Remote Condition Monitoring, EASA European & World Chapter have responded by setting up a committee to look into the subject. A Mission Statement guiding the committee is:

‘Develop a cloud-based platform utilising the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other technologies as they apply to industrial rotating machines for the purpose of remotely condition monitoring the health of these machines. To consider open hardware, protocols and data platforms with a view to developing systems and procedures and determine what role EASA could play in offering a solution to its membership’

While the work of the committee is still in its infancy it will be looking at such subjects such as a central ‘cloud based’ platform to accept data from various types of sensors and a business model and how it could create new revenue streams for our members. The implications on Asset Management, how such a programme would be financed and the legal implications are also subjects being examined as part of the project.

The committee will keep the membership informed through newsletters, announcements and once the project has progressed further though the Remote Conditioning Monitoring Workshops.

Keep an eye out for further information.

Wishing you all the best
David Griffin