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Press Release - Menzel Elektromotoren

Large roller table motors in small series and special designs

Menzel Elektromotoren supplies steelworks and mills with tailor-made robust roller table motors with nominal voltages up to 1000 V and up to 400 mm frame size. The family-run company, which specializes in large industrial motors, has the flexibility to manufacture small series of roller table motors or single units. These TENV (totally enclosed non-ventilated) three-phase squirrel cage motors feature IC410 cooling type and thermal class F, or optionally H. The ring-fin motors come in a cast-iron housing or can be optionally fitted into a low-vibration welded steel housing. They are suitable for direct power supply as well as for inverter operation, and notably also for high-frequency reversing operation under load. The motors provide high nominal, acceleration, and breaking torques. They are low-maintenance, durable, and extremely robust under electrical, mechanical, and thermal stress.


Illustration: Menzel individually designs ring-fin motors for roller conveyors and working roller tables to meet demanding requirements such as increased resilience against shock, vibration, or spray water

Menzel configures the frequencies and pole counts for high overall efficiency and implements speeds according to customer specifications. Special configurations with extremely high pole counts and low speeds make gearboxes unnecessary in many cases, reducing purchase costs and maintenance. The roller table motors feature IP55 ingress protection by default. On request, Menzel supplies IP67 units for especially demanding applications. Most recently, Menzel fulfilled an order of several roller table motors with an integrated brake, 7.7 kW rated power, and 490 rpm. Based on a specimen provided by the customer, these motors are engineering to match an original design by a motor manufacturer who went out of business. Readers can find more information and request a quote at

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