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New Affiliate Member-Fenixta

New Affiliate Member-Fenixta

Fenixta Machinery

Top engineering quality in products and services

The most honest feedback comes from one’s clients. So why not share the beautiful path Fenixta Machinery and Vogelsang Elektromotoren walked together in 2019?
The article describes the renovation of Vogelsangs old taping machine by Fenixta Machinery.

Dedication and quality at the best price

Vogelsang Elektromotoren is a repair company in Germany for motors and generators up to 50MW. Years ago, we have decided to continue to produce the coils for HV machines ourselves. Therefor we bought a used taping machine from MICAMATION, dating from the early 90s several years ago.
After 15 years of operation, we realized that the control of the machine was not up to date anymore and the maintenance was getting impossible. The question arose: should we buy a new taping machine or could we find a reliable partner to modernize the control of the existing machine? We have talked to many suppliers and finally found FENIXTA from Turkey, who made the best offer. Within 3 months from disassembly in our workshop, transporting the machine to Turkey, getting all the works done, and finally commissioning the renovated machine in our workshop, Fenixta did a great job. They were able to realize all the demands we had on the new control. The machine came back within the delay promised, there were no additional costs realized and on top of it all… they gave us a very competitive price. The entire job was carried out to our complete satisfaction. Congratulation to the Fenixta team – well done!

Christian Vogelsang – General Manager


Fenixta Machinery. Top engineering quality in products and services

Fenixta is an established value in Turkey and on the international market. Known for their maintenance, repairs and improvements for existing machines they invest largely in new technologies, personal commitment to their clients and on-site support.
Many years of experience have brought Fenixta extensive expertise in a wide array of different fields. A visit to the customer’s location to analyse the issues at hand and design tailormade solutions is just one of their USP’s. Specialised teams also provide rewinding support on-site.
Dedicated engineers tackle every customer question and request with commitment and passion. This company loves challenges and finds joy in designing the jigs for the production of coils. Improving existing coil designs is also part of their jobset: refining them until they attain perfection in every single detail.

Stronger together

The Turkish family business Kanallar started out as a machine manufacturer and motor repair company in 2009. Fuad Kanal and his sons Tunç and Çağdaş put their heart and soul into running and expanding the company. Coil Partners collaborated with Kanallar for many years, employing their extensive technical expertise, relying on their passion for engineering, and purchasing newly developed machines.

On 24 October 2018, Kanallar and Coil Partners decide to establish a joint venture partnership, which they call Fenixta, referring to the mythical Phoenix, the bird that rises from the ashes to begin life anew.

This name broadcasts clearly what Fenixta aims to achieve: giving new life to existing technological installations, developing new designs for coils and machines, and manufacturing those designs. Fenixta will also act as the Coil Partners engineering department to allow innovative markets to enjoy their dedication and successes as well.

Their creative mindset and particular engineering expertise have made Fenixta partner to many global enterprises that did not hesitate to opt for high quality at fair prices.

A long-term partnership

The most honest feedback comes from one’s clients. So why not share the beautiful path Fenixta Machinery and Vogelsang Elektromotoren walked together in 2019?
Mr. Vogelsang is a known and very respected client of Coil partners. Recently, at CWIEME Berlin 2019, we introduced him to our engineering company-partner Fenixta. He talked with them about the old taping machine of Vogelsang Elektromotoren, build by Micamation in 1989.
Off course the machine was outdated and needed a renewal: 30 years of intensive labor cannot pass without leaving a trace. The laborious procedures when producing and very complicated character of this old lady became too much for the employees.
Mr. Vogelsang welcomed the Fenixta-team on site to inspect the old taping machine, take it apart and transport it to our factory in Istanbul. There the complete make-over started.
These renovating and innovating processes took place:

  • Removing the main electrical panel
  • Renewing all the servo motors for precision
  • Replacing all the sensors
  • Connecting a brand new and multilingual information screen, using touch screen
  • Introducing wifi onto the machine so that remote control from Fenixta is possible
  • Cleaning the entire machine and removing any old dirt
  • Eliminating all outdated parts that turn out to be useless today
    “At Fenixta we feel strongly about quality. We’ve submitted the new taping machine to several tests in our factory before delivering it to Mr. Vogelsang. It was a pleasure for Fenixta to be able to work for a company that has a unique history of more than 100 years old.”

Contact information
Company telephone: +90 (266) 281 12 21

Contact person: Tunç Kanal
Mobile: +90 (532) 435 26 18
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Contact person: Çağdaş Kanal
Mobile: +90 (545) 457 86 40
Email address: