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New affiliate member - Distence

New affiliate member - Distence

Disrupting rotating machinery lifecycle management with new technologies.

Condition management has been a topic on the market for quite some time. Now the technology has reached a level where it is both feasible and economically viable to apply it on every critical asset and start disrupting the lifecycle management. The critical notion is that the asset like pump itself might not be worth the investment, but the process behind it, the downtime cost from a failing pump is for sure. With today’s technology, we are not talking about some simple general vibration monitoring solution – we are talking about a larger and more comprehensive view, transparency to the asset. Combining all the relevant information, everything from temperatures, flow rates, pressures, RPM’s to the depth of vibrations between 0hz-24Khz, help build a continuous picture of the life of a pump. The algorithms for detecting for example bearing problems help you pinpoint a broken bearing, the more detailed level problem in the bearing (cage, ball, inner or outer ring), severity of the issue and if this is not enough, you can always use the raw data to dig deeper and analyse manually. This and a lot more is possible with Distence T-series hardware and the Condence SaaS Service.

Only a limited number of cloud service providers offer solutions where you can connect a variety of sensors and other information sources directly. Especially limited is the number of providers with specialized capabilities in the area of vibration and analysis. We assume that this is mostly due to the fact that vibration sensors create a vast amount of data, which will require heavy connectivity for data transfer or lead to very inflexible on-site solutions. We have developed a third options around edge computing. This means that we analyse the data at the edge of the cloud, at the asset level, and transfer only the “smart data” to the cloud. With Distence T200 series hardware you get integrated connectivity (selectable from 3G to LAN) with 8 channels that you can control with the Condence-tool, from the cloud. This end-to-end solution offers a cost efficient and flexible monitoring solution, at a reasonable price.

Another limiting factor we have found on the market is industrial requirements. First of all, many of the assets we are dealing with are designed to be used for 20+ years. Therefore, the technology to be used should de future proof by default. Secondly, the solution is at it’s best when used where assets are remote or hard to access and therefore require environmental gradings such as IP67. Thirdly, industrial standards should be met, and the concern of information security addressed.
Distence has gained the expertise for industrial grade solutions from delivering 10+ years of projects to critical processes in numerous industries, including energy, power plants, wind farms, process industry and more. Today we have delivered solutions to over 40 countries. We started our business by developing specialized hardware and software solutions for numerous global industrial players like ABB. Now we have taken this expertise to a general platform available for everyone. We offer a white-label solution to our customers, so they can get their own look and feel and integrate it into their own operations and brand.

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