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Mark Robinson, Managing Director of WES

1. Quick Introduction of your company:
a. Who you are? Mark Robinson, Managing Director of WES.
b. What does your company do and how many employees do you have? There are two sides to WES. We are a manufacturer of copper conductors and a distributor of electrical insulations.
c. Are you an EASA member or EASA affiliate member? We are an EASA affiliate member.
d. When did your company become an EASA member? Great question! I'm not sure... 18, 19 years maybe.

2. Which challenges our industry is now going through or will go through in the future?
It depends. The world will always need electrical automation. If you are talking about manufacturers of new motors & generators then I would say that the future is bright. If you are asking me about the long term view of repairing small to medium sized motors....I'm not so sure. The feedback we get from our customers nowadays its seems in a lot of cases it's cheaper to replace than repair.

3. What about Trainings?
EASA training programmes don't apply to our business directly, but I can see that they give huge benefit to our customers and regularly hear very positive feedback from EASA colleagues within the industry.

4. Who are the emerging competitors of our industry?
I don't know if I would call them competition, but certainly the major car manufacturers and e-mobility in general will play a very large part in shaping our industry in years to come.

5. Which Opportunities do you see? Where do you think our industry should invest?
In terms of power it has to be hydro & wind. E-mobility also, Thinking of ways of supporting the car manufacturers is something large repair companies should be doing .

6. What kind of EASA services do you use? (Training programs, webinars, consulting service, Technical resources, accreditation, networking etc.)
EASA has always been an excellent networking vehicle for us.

7. Looking back, what has this experience brought to you? How did EASA help you? Please give us an example.
Through the years EASA has enabled us to connect and nurture strong relationships with important companies within our industry.

8. Which services do you want EASA to develop/offer in the future?
I'd like to see the Region 9 conference have more support from members and affiliate members alike to enable it to grow year on year.

9. To a potential new member how would you promote EASA membership?
Networking and Technical support is excellent.

10. What is the last advice you gave to a new employee in our industry?
Don't try and talk about something you know nothing about.

11. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
Don't try and talk about something you know nothing about. Never be afraid to ask for help.

12. What is the next disruptive technology in our industry?
I wish I knew.

13. Will you propose a candidate for the next EASA Karsten Moholt Exceptional Award?
I hear that Robert Roebuck is doing very well for C.P.M. Engineering in Manchester U.K. So I would propose Robert as an excellent candidate for this years award.