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KRIWAN Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

KRIWAN is active in the field of machine protection and IoT connectivity for machines. Since 50 years we at KRIWAN develop and produce sensors and electronics to protect pumps, compressors, fans, hoists and similar machines against overheating of the motor winding or bearings, issues caused by the power supply (undervoltage, phase loss, phase asymmetry…), leakage, locked rotor and many failures more. Our product portfolio includes temperature sensors for various applications (motor winding, bearing, fluid…), sensors for electrical current or voltage, air flow, leakage or wind speed and wind direction. KRIWAN also offers a broad variety of protection relays those sensors can be connected to.

Connectivity and IoT are also key activities at KRIWAN: the above mentioned sensors measure valuable data of the machine and the protection relays digitize those data. KRIWAN relays have a data port which can be connected to Bluetooth, USB or Modbus gateways. This makes it very easy to read the winding temperature of a motor or timing and nature of the last grid failures with a smartphone, tablet or laptop directly onsite. Additional to this local access to the data it is also possible to connect the relays to a controller, an HMI, PLC or to send data into the cloud for remote access.

KRIWAN enables very robust machine protection with high EMC, ambient temperature and vibration resistance. We also help maintenance staff, contractors and operators to identify the root cause of a failure and to prevent failures by remote monitoring of trends and changes in the machine.

Contact information:
KRIWAN Industrie-Elektronik GmbH Allmand 11 74670 Forchtenberg Germany
+49 (0) 7947 822 0

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