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Webinar: 'Is your AC-motor VFD ready?' by AEGIS - 18 October 2022, 10 AM CEST

Webinar: 'Is your AC-motor VFD ready?' by AEGIS - 18 October 2022, 10 AM CEST

Join us at the free webinar “Is your AC-motor VFD ready?” proposed by AEGIS, scheduled on Tuesday 18 October 2022 at 10 AM CEST, dedicated to EASA Members and Friends.

All major manufacturers of 3-phase AC motors offer “inverter-duty” or “inverter-ready” models, but while these motors have inverter-rated insulation to protect the windings, their most vulnerable parts — the bearings — are too often ignored. Without some form of mitigation, shaft current can discharge through bearings, causing motor failure and downtime. To be considered truly “inverter-ready”, a motor must have proven long-term bearing protection in addition to inverter-rated insulation. Unfortunately, many purchasers of these motors do not understand this. And, mission-critical facilities, in which downtime can have disastrous consequences, are especially vulnerable to motor failures.


  • Root causes of shaft voltage
  • Impact on the bearings
  • Possibilities to proof
  • Mitigation strategies
  • Application examples

About the speaker:

Martin Deiss, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Sales Manager Europe & Middle East, AEGIS dba Electro Static Technology, an ITW company.
Mechanical Engineering, born in 1957, living in Eppingen, Germany. Since 16 years working in electrical engineering. Nearly for the same time responsible for the sales of AEGIS, first as AEGIS Product Manager Europe for Morgan Electrical Carbon Germany (distribution partner of Electro Static Technology). Since April 2015 he is the Sales Manager Europe & Middle East for Electro Static Technology. Care of partners and customers in these regions. For many years he has been conducting seminars, training courses, and lectures on the subject.