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EASA Partners with Associate and Affiliate Members to Boost Membership 

EASA Partners with Associate and Affiliate Members to Boost Membership 

EASA has begun partnering with Associate and Chapter Affiliate Members to recruit new Active Members with a “Recruit-a-Member Bonus Program,” EASA’s Membership Committee recognizes that sales representatives and other company employees of Associates and Affiliates represent an important source for the identification and possible recruitment of new members.
The program rewards representatives from an Associate or Affiliate Member company that are able to recruit potential companies to join EASA as Active (repair firm) members. All Associate and Affiliate Members of the European and World Chapter of EASA are eligible and encouraged to participate.

EASA will pay a $100 reward to an employee of an Associate or Affiliate member who encourages a qualified business to apply and become a member. The reward will be sent after the application has been approved. Of course if your representative recruits more than one member, he or she will receive multiple $100 rewards!

Companies that wish to participate must contact EASA Headquarters for the required forms. Participating companies will be sent information to register their employees. Once registered, those representatives will be sent detailed instructions and materials to assist in recruiting potential members.

The success of this program can only help to strengthen EASA and its partnership with Associate and Affiliate Members. If you are interested in participating, please contact EASA Membership Specialist Tyler Voss at (, Oor of course feel free to contact Region 9 General Manager Frederic Beghain at