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EASA Industry Research: Service Center Trends and Future 

EASA Industry Research: Service Center Trends and Future 

Over the past 15 years, EASA has conducted periodic research that has focused on many of the stakeholders and participants in the electromechanical repair, service and sales industry. 

In early 2017, Indian River Consulting Group once again conducted research surveys of EASA repair firms. The results of those surveys show you the perspectives of fellow EASA members on a range of important subjects as well as the latest trends as well as perspectives from other industrial and distribution sectors. This research can help you to benchmark your company's results and strategies.

Marks and Peerbolt compare the most recent research with that of the past to help with some predictions for the future. Their analysis covers perspectives of EASA members regarding competition, whether repair/rewinding is declining, industry challenges, sales and marketing practices, relationships with motor manufacturers, and much more :
• How has the EASA industry changed in the past several years, and what does the future hold?
• Competitive forces and technological threats to the industry
• Is repair/rewind really declining? Or is it increasing for some? If so, how much?
• In what service areas have members expanded?
• Will there be more mergers and acquisitions?
• Keys to success for high-profit EASA members - what is different about them?
• Industry challenges and how members are coping
• Relationships with motor manufacturers
• Sales and marketing practices
• Strategies for short- and long-term success

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