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EASA announces new “Sales Skills Development Workshop”

The role of salespeople continues to evolve, and a different set of skills are required to succeed. Long gone are the days when salespeople serve as purveyors of information.

Buyers can easily collect information with a simple internet search. Research suggests that buyers have generally decided their best course of action before meeting with a salesperson.

Salespeople must be able to quickly understand the prospect’s needs and offer a solution that provides value beyond the products or services sold.
Sales training has likewise evolved. Some of this training focuses on prospecting, qualifying sales leads and determining the most likely sales opportunities.
Other training assists salespeople in prioritizing their time and becoming more efficient. While these are valuable, few training programs focus on strengthening the salesperson’s communication skills. The best plans and ideas can be lost if a salesperson struggles in their communications of them with the prospect.

The new “EASA Sales Skills Development Workshop” focuses on strengthening communication skills. The instructor is Jerry Peerbolte of J. Peerbolte & Associates.
Participants will learn questioning techniques, listening skills and ways to differentiate critical needs and present solutions that appeal to the decision maker. The workshop will not simply teach these skills – participants will practice them through numerous role-playing exercises.

The first two-day workshop in Europe will be held May 3-4. Please do not wait, we have limited seats. Register now online at: