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Congratulation to Vogelsang, a long EASA member to celebrate 100 years!

VOGELSANG , celebrate it´s 100 years birthday in 2018 as one of the oldest family owned EMR companies in Germany!
Founded in 1918 as BOCHUMER ELEKTROMOTORENWERKE WILHELM VOGELSANG the company survived the difficult times during the financial crisis in the years of 1929 and the Second World War.

In 1945 the allied forces agreed that the company starts working again. The buildings destroyed during the bombing of Bochum were rebuild, and the second generation started to work for the local coal mining and steel industry in the Ruhr area. In 1960 Werner and his wife Christa Vogelsang (now in 3rd generation) came to Bochum to take over the company from Werner´s father that employed 6 persons at that time. During the beginning of the 70th, the company moved to new and modern premises, as the old one in the middle of the town was not adequate anymore.

A good economy and a good reputation in the local heavy industry helped Werner Vogelsang to grow the company constantly. In 1994 Christian Vogelsang entered the company as the 4th generation and started to enlarge the radius of activities. Beside the main business, the repair of electro- mechanical equipment up to 100tons, today the company is active in several different activities as the development of automated test fields for motors pumps and ventilators, the development of laser measuring and several other condition monitoring equipment as well as the trade of air conditioners.

The company has subsidiaries in different areas of Germany as well as in the Netherlands and France and employs 350 people.