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Affiliate Member SCHLEICH

Affiliate Member SCHLEICH

SCHLEICH GmbH is a leading provider of testing technology for electrical safety and function as well as for motors and windings, designed and made in Germany.

Founded in 1952 as a motor repair shop, we started with development and manufacturing of testing equipment as early as 1982. Our partial discharge testers in combination with surge and high voltage AC, introduced in 2005, offers a unique “deep look into the winding” for the detection of pre-damages on a level never seen before.

Based on our long-standing expertise, SCHLEICH offers reliable solutions for any application: From portable MotorAnalyzers for motor repair up to turnkey solutions for End Of Line test systems.

The SCHLEICH product range includes:

  • service & maintenance testers for de-energized motors
  • universal surge testers for all kind of windings
  • high voltage safety and functional testers
  • troubleshooting & online monitoring for motors/generators
  • inspection and adjustment of encoders and resolvers
  • test systems, production lines, EOL testing

Our production site is in the heart of Germany, in the Sauerland region, where we make everything from a single source. Independent of long supply chains, our specialists produce every single component exactly matching the requirements of our customers and according to our own quality standards. We guarantee the outstanding quality of our devices independent from any third-party components from other suppliers.

MotorAnalyzer2 R2
The expert level tester for your motor service
Compact design and a wide range of applications for troubleshooting in windings that are not live are the distinguishing features of MotorAnalyzer2 R2.
15 elaborate tests and test methods are built in, including surge voltage tests up to 3 kV. Due to its integrated lithium-ion battery, tests can also be performed off-grid without a power connection.
MotorAnalyzer2 R2 is the ultimate ALL-IN-ONE tester for electrical engineering, motor repair, maintenance and servicing.
No other portable tester for this scope of application offers such a wide range of support for fault detection and servicing in motors and generators.


Surge Tester MTC 2
A deep look into the winding – the ultimate surge tester
Surge tester up to 50 Kv
Surge voltage with 100 nF/200 nF (device-dependent) and up to 2000 A surge current

Partial discharge analysis to detect insulation faults according to different standards

Fully automatic switchover between different test methods
Integrated PC with Microsoft Windows 10 ®


Contact information
Company telephone: (+49) 23 72 - 94 98 0

SCHLEICH One source - all test solutions