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Congratulation to Fletcher Moorland

Congratulation to Fletcher Moorland

New EASA Accredited company on Energy Efficiency and Reliability in Europe !

Interesting Interview of Matt Fletcher, Managing Director, Fletcher Moorland, Stoke-on-Trent, UK:

EASA’s accreditation scheme made sense to me when I first heard about it. I’ve long believed there sh
ould be a set of engineering standards to follow to ensure repairs and rewinds are carried out correctly to maintain a motor’s efficiency. We have all had the EASA/AEMT good practice guide for 13 years now but all too often I see companies ignoring it yet referencing their company’s ‘quality’ with no hard back-up.

It was at the convention in Toronto in 2016 I spoke with the EASA accreditation guys on the stand and made my decision to become an EASA accredited company to promote good practice and quality in our industry. Quality has always been a big part of Fletcher Moorland’s business and in 2009 we were one of the first UK companies to achieve SKF’s certified rebuilder status. In 2010 we achieved IECEx certified service facility too, so, having recognised certifications is important to us. We are delighted to have the EASA accreditation to add to our list as it is a differentiator, I’d like to see more end-user awareness of electric motor repair and energy efficiency so customers can make an informed choice of who repairs their motors, so not only do they receive a good service, but that it’s backed up with reliability and energy efficiency.

As to the question regarding the experience of the audit, the auditor was impressed with our bearing measuring equipment as we use a coordinate measuring machine, Alan though this to be a great addition and one others should follow. At the start he said ‘as we’re IECEx we should have no problem getting certified'. The audit was an easy process which did not impact on our daily production as we had all the information to hand.

I’m glad that we have joined fellow EASA accredited member companies, CPM UK Ltd and Avonmore Electric to promote best practice in our industry. I’d also encourage other members to go for accreditation. We need to be seen as the best-of-the-best, regardless of a service centre’s size, it’s the quality of repair that matters and we have another certification to prove it.