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EASA Region 9 Karsten Moholt Awards

The Karsten Moholt Exceptional Achievement Award is made annually in the memory of Karsten Moholt and Karsten Aleksander Moholt who are past Presidents and Regional Director of EASA European & World Chapter. Their exceptional guidance and leadership of our Chapter is remembered by awarding young people, under the age of 30, within our industry who have demonstrated improvements within their company up and above expectations.

A financial contribution will be made by the Chapter to the winner of this award to visit other Member’s facilities within our Chapter in order to extend their understanding of the industry and learn new ideas, methods and cultures.

The rules of the scheme are as follows

  • A nominee for the award must be employed by a Member firm
  • Only a Member firm can make a nomination
  • A Member can make more than 1 but not exceeding 3 nominations per year
  • Nominations must include specific reasons why the nominee is thought to be worthy of the award
  • All nominations must be submitted to the Secretary no later than 1st July each year
  • A committee consisting of the current President, Immediate Past President and a member of the Moholt family will decide the winner

The last nominations and winners of the Award


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